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Welcome to the WeFitter API developer portal!


This developer portal is set up to give you as a developer all the needed information to setup our API integration with your platform. Also, this platform can be used to ask questions about our API, give valuable feedback, and read about frequently asked questions to get you up and running for seamless integration.


WeFitter is a REST API that helps you get, understand, and leverage health data from users. The API is based on two main components that are working together to maximize the amount of generated health data: integration with  activity tracking apps & wearable and gamification.


WeFitter API can help to generate models based on the health data of the user. By a combination of gamification and wearable data, predictions on a person's health and lifestyle are possible with the API. With constant development, we aim to create a perfect T-shaped model, where we will support multiple wearables along with a wide variety of data availability.


Activity tracking wearable and apps

There is a variety of activity tracking wearable and apps available in today's market. These apps & devices collect different types of (health) information from their users, such as activities, height, weight, sleep cycles, calories burned, stress levels, and heart rate. The WeFitter API collects these types of data from such brands and stores them in a unified format (openMHealth).
By integrating the WeFitter API in your platform/application, you will benefit from the connected brands of apps and wearables in the WeFitter API. The brands and that are currently connected and the data that is measured by each wearable/app (health endpoints) in the WeFitter API are listed under ‘’platform overview’’.
If there is wearable or app not listed in our API that you need, we are open to discuss the possibilities to add new connections. You can raise such suggestions here.
Currently, we support 7 tracking apps & wearable, you’ll cover over 95% of brands end users are currently using in the market. Also are there +100 available indirect connections to provide health data by our API through apps such as Google fit ( listed here) or Apple Health (listed here). We provide a quick overview of each wearable and app we connect with to give you more understanding of which app or wearable connection to use for specific cases.

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Platform Overview:

Wearables Activities Daily summary Heart rate Stress Biometric Sleep Summary


Motivating users to lead a healthier life is not a simple task and it’s often quite a challenge to get your users engaged. By combining health tracking data from popular apps with gamification, we can help you exponentially increase your user engagement.
In our API we’ve created a framework to build up challenges for your users. We provide several different challenge types like team, individual, and streak challenges. A full overview of challenges is listed below under ‘’challenge overview’’. With the creation of challenges, individuals or teams can participate in a set goal or be the highest on the leaderboard before time runs out.
The parameters for these challenges can be set to km’s, kcal, minutes, steps, and points. Points will be generated by km’s, kcal, minutes, or steps in a way of your choosing. In the API we also provide individual leaderboards and teams to show progress on these parameters. Our API provides all the tools to set up a full gamified experience to let end users win prices and get them fully engaged!

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Challenge types:

Type Individual Individual challenge type is a challenge in which the user is participating seperatly from the rest of the participants (goal or leaderboard setup possible)
Team Team challenge type is a challenge in which the user is participating with teammembers against other teams, all individual progress of the team will be accumulated (goal or leaderboard setup possible)
Global Global challenge type is a challenge in which the user is participating with all other participants, all individual progress will be accumulated (goal or leaderboard setup possible)
Goal Daily Goal which is repeated daily over the time of the challenge
Total Goal which is the total goal over the time of the challenge
Weekly Goal which is repeated weekly over the time of the challenge
Monthly Goal which is repeated monthly over the time of the challenge
None/ leaderboard No goal means the challenge is going into a leaderboard setup, users have to get to the highest of the leaderboard before the time of the challenge is over
Visibility Public Challenge is visable for everyone in the app
Private Challenge is only visable for the pre enroaled users
Description Discription text of the challenge
Calculation_method SUM Challenge calculation will be a sum of all individual, team or global data
Average Challenge calculation will be the average of all individual, team or global data
Enrollment_method Automatic Users will be enrolled automaticly
Manual Users will be enrolled manually
Repetition None No repetition
Streak Challenge goal (daily, weekly, monthly) achievements will be calculated in the leaderboard everytime the goal is hit
Stick to it Challenge goal (daily, weekly, monthly) achievements will be calculated in the leaderboard everytime the goal is hit repeatedly